There are two types of membership available to those interested in becoming a member of the Marine Corps Veterans Association Outer Banks Platoon. These membership categories are described in the two following paragraphs.


Regular membership is open to active-duty and honorable discharged Marines, or Navy Corpsmen who have honorably served or are currently serving with Fleet Marine Forces. Applicants for regular membership may have served in either the regular or reserve establishment provided that they have served for a continuous period on active duty for a minimum of 90-days. In addition, a minimum of one-day of the applicant's service must have been must have been during time of war. Currently, these dates are: 7 December 1941 through 31 December 1946; 27 June 1950 through 31 January 1955; 5 August 1964 through 7 May 1975, and; 2 August 1990 through the present day.


Those not meeting the criteria for regular membership may still be eligible to join our organization as an associate member, however membership is statutorily limited and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for further information prior to submitting an application for associate membership.

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Become a regular member today by completing and submitting our membership application. Although you may print this application and complete it in pen, it is recommended that you download it to your computer, then open it using your favorite PFD application. This will permit you to type the required information directly onto the form and save it. Please ensure that all required entries are completed.

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Once completed, mail your membership application to us along with a photo-static copy of your DD-214 and the first year's membership dues of $25 to:


Marine Corps Veterans Association

Outer Banks Platoon

Post Office Box 665

Kitty Hawk, NC 27949-0665

Personal checks for membership dues should be made payable to the "Marine Corps Veterans Association Outer Banks Platoon." Please ensure that if your social security number appears on your DD-214 that you eradicate it, as our organization has no need for that information.